Dr.Oppel RF ST-501

4MHz Radio Frequency Surgical Unit

dr.oppel ‘s electrode is not being heated by itself
The Electrode lets the cellular tissue produce the joule heat, and operates hemostasis, cutting and coagulation.
4MHz(FDA) radio frequency makes possible precise cutting and coagulation even in water.
Moreover, coagulation depth is detemined by electrode as 5mm,3mm and 2mm.
There is no carbonization and damages to the surrounding cellular tissue by electric spark, and safety can be secured because this system is free from electric shock and burn which electric surgical units make.
Monopolat and bipolar electrodes developed for OB/GYN purpose and unique timer function of Dr.Oppel make possible unlimited

The distinctive functions from other electrosurgical units and lasers(dr.oppel)
Model Name
Dr.Oppel ST-501
Output Power
MONOPOLAR:125W(Average power on 200Ohm load)
700W(Peak power 200Ohm load)
BIPOLAR:50W(Average power on 200Ohm load)
350W(Peak power 200Ohm load)
6.15MHz(CE,KFDA) / 4MHz(FDA)
Input Voltage
100/110/120/220/230/240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Time Selection
Contionous, 1sec, 1/2sec, 1/4sec, 1/8sec
Power Consumption
450VA 10% Under on maximun load
Main Unit:225(W)x300(L)x155(H)mm
What is RF coagulation (dr.oppel)?

It’s a way of coagulation necrosis to the 5mm depth of tissue, when the radio frequency current flows from electrode, passing tissue, to the patient plate, by producing joule heat on the tissue itself close to electrode. It’s very hard to make necrosis with cauterization or cryosurgery because no deep coagulation is capable. However, coagulation necrosis is perfectly achieved in the coagulation with radio frequency current because electrode Let’s the tissue itself produce joule heat.

Self-control of coagulation depth

The coagulative depth is decided by the electrode size and the device is designed to make different coagulation depth by the electrode size as above.

Operation procedure:

Make a hole in ear drum by transmilting the radio frequency on the top of the insulated cutting needle and remove inflammatory discharges. The hole sightly coagulated will be cured soon naturally.

  RF ST-501 دکتر اپل
RF ST-501  دکتر اپل
Dr.Oppel RF ST-501 Dr.Oppel RF ST-501 دکتر اپل

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