Utims A1Hifu

Utims A1Hifu

HIFU – facial rejuvenation treatment

Utims A1Hifu (High intensity focused ultrasound) is a new resource in cosmetics, and in certain cases even an alternative for plastic surgery.

This treatment has rightly become popular internationally as just in a few hours it can rejuvenate the skin by 5-10 years.
The effects of the treatment become visible gradually in 2-3 months, and its effects can last for years.

An added benefit of the method is that it uses the properties for regeneration of the human body itself to rebuild the skin, hereby keeping the natural character of the face – resulting in our own younger self.

The treatment has its greatest effect on loose, sagging skin.

It raises the eyebrow line by 1-2mm, it tightens the wrinkles next to the mouth; it significantly lifts the sagging jaw, and tightens the décolletage. The HIFU ultrasound treatment course results in tighter, smoother skin surface;

The description of the technology

HIFU is a focused ultrasound treatment, wherein the applicator is formed in such a way that the ultrasound waves it emits cross each other in one point, hereby strengthening their effect.

The ultrasound brings the cells into a mechanical vibration which raises the temperature of the cells. In that tiny point where the waves meet the temperature rises to 65-80° Celsius.

At this temperature the cells are heat damaged, but the surrounding tissue remains intact. (The treatment is accompanied by bearable pain, the intensity depending mainly on personal pain thresholds.)

To see the effects and the sensitivity

of the treatment it is best to compare it with lighting a piece of paper with a magnifying glass.

If the sun is shining brightly enough, if we hold the magnifying glass in the correct way, then the paper will only be ignited in one point; we will not set the whole paper on fire.

And if the sky is cloudy or our hand is shaking, nothing will happen at all besides a slight warming up of the paper.

(This is exactly the difference between the machines in various categories: it is difficult to manufacture equipment that has perfect focus and keeps on working well in the long run.)

Other manufacturers are also familiar with the HIFU technology, but there are only a few who can create such a precise focus as UTIMS A1. This precise focus has become UTIMS A1’s trademark, and this allows for the gentle but spectacular regeneration of the skin.

The HIFU applicator burns

10-20 points in a single line with one shot, 1-1,5mm from each other, in an exactly defined depth. During a full facial treatment altogether several thousands (6-10.000) of tiny points of heat damage will be created.

As these tiny injuries in the depths of the skin begin to heal the tissues will become tighter, fresher. The effects of the regeneration process become clearly visible within a few weeks.

Besides these immediate effects a long-term process has already started at this point, as the heat created during the treatment starts to stimulate diverse cells in separate skin layers, the effects reached in the first round are enhanced during the months following the treatment:

  • the elastin structure at 1,5mm depth rebuilds;
  • at 3mm the fibroblast cells are activated (these produce collagens);
  • the most serious effects are reached at 4,5mm, as there the SMAS layer (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) is targeted and tightened (other facial rejuvenation treatments do not reach this depth, only plastic surgery does).

The treatment performed in these three layers simultaneously gives a truly complex result.

Why is the SMAS layer important?

The SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) is a thin membrane above the muscles (the same as the thin membrane we can see on beef) that holds a relatively heavy weight. If this membrane loses its elasticity and stretches then it cannot counterweight gravitation and our skin starts to sag.

Because of this, if we wish to have a truly spectacular lifting effect, the treatment of the SMAS layer is important. Previously available skin rejuvenation methods based on heat simply could not reach this layer. Even laser therapy treatments could not do this. Until now only plastic surgery was able to reach this layer. This is exactly why HIFU treatments give more spectacular results than others did before: it is able to target and reach this layer, to strengthen it directly.

Because of the abovementioned reasons it is important that the machine has a 4.5mm applicator (and to use this during treatment in the right areas) as the 3mm and the 1.5mm applicators cannot reach this depth.

What can you expect after treatment?

Right after the treatment there will be a slight swelling and reddening around the treated area.

This will not be highly noticeable and will not keep you from going out.

You can continue with your daily routines as if nothing has happened. After a few hours the swelling and reddening will decrease.

In the following days the area might be sensible as several thousands of tiny, invisible wounds start to heal simultaneously. You will not have pain and thus will not need pain medication or compresses.

Although the treatment does not cause surface damage it is advisable not to expose the treated areas to the sun. It is recommended to use a sunblock when you go outside.

Within a couple of weeks the wounds are healed and within 4-6 weeks new collagens start to be produced. The top results will be visible after 2-3 months. These – depending on the individual – will remain for 1-2 years (or even longer).

The follow-up of the changes

It is important to make photographs all the time: before and after the treatment and as a follow-up on a weekly base. When after the treatment you look into a mirror more times a day you simply will not notice the changes. Also those in your surroundings who meet you every day will not see the difference.

If you rely solely on the mirror, you can easily think that the treatment was unsuccessful.

But looking at the photographs your opinion will change as you see a realistic picture of the before and after stages, and this will give an authentic view of the changes. Your eyes in the mirror may betray you – but not the photographs.

(It can be best compared to finding a photograph of ourselves from 5-10 years ago and being shocked by the changes.

Only in this case this is in reverse order.)

When can HIFU not be used? (Counter indications.)

  • open wounds in the to-be-treated area
  • heavy or cystic acne on the to-be-treated area
  • active herpes or other infection
  • active or metal implants (e.g. pacemaker or defibrillator) near to the to-be-treated area
  • mechanical implants
  • skin treated by facial filling
  • breast implants, breast tissue
  • keloid tissues

About the treatment:

The course of the UTIMS A1 ultrasound treatment:
Before the treatment the client gets detailed information about the process, about the before and after tasks.

The specialist describes the process of the Utims A1Hifu focused ultrasound skin tightening treatment, its expected results, and the possible risks.

During the treatment the client is in a comfortable reclining position. The specialist chooses and cleans the area to be treated, and applies a high purity ultrasound gel to the skin. After this the Utims A1Hifu focused ultrasound treatment starts and takes about 30-120 minutes depending on the size of the treated area. The ultrasound sheaf used during the treatment reaches the deepest layers of the skin (a depth of 1.5, 3 or 4.5mm, depending on the size of the applicator) wherein it reaches its goal with a hundredth of a millimetre precision at the meeting point of skin and muscle in the SMAS layer.>

The ultrasound generates temperatures of 65-85° Celsius, resulting in the contracting of the skin fibres and guaranteeing immediate change. The ingested energy starts up the wished-for processes.

What to do after the focused ultrasound treatment?

It is worth to observe a few suggestion after an ultrasound lifting treatment in order to reach an as fast and as lasting result as possible.

Within the first couple of weeks after a treatment it is advisable to avoid activities that result in the warming up of the skin (sauna, intense physical training, hard labour). Do not use skin care products which block the pores in the skin. Do not use peeling and skin lightening products. If possible, do not smoke, take vitamin C (this helps to rebuild collagen), do not use sunbeds for a few weeks and drink huge amounts of water. If you keep to these precautions you can enjoy the spectacular results of HIFU for a long time.

What results can you count on?

With using the focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, even after just one treatment a spectacular, long-lasting and fast effect can be reached.

Directly after the skin tightening treatment there is no palpable visible change: depending on the individual, a few weeks or months are needed for this. But it is well worth waiting and making photographs of the state of the skin before the treatment, in order to be able to compare our “old” face with the “new”. The most spectacular results can be observed in ladies in the age group of 35-60. Depending on the state of the skin, more than one treatment may be needed. The results of the Utims A1Hifu focused ultrasound treatment can last for 1-3 years.

The UTIMS A1’s applicator of supreme quality is under patent protection:

  • it gives an egg-shaped and stable focal point;
  • it maximises energy release by using short impulses;
  • it makes safe treatments possible;
  • it minimises the danger of heat damage to the upper skin layers;
  • decrease of the energy level during its lifetime is negligible.

Rigorous quality control

As the Utims A1Hifu system deals with powerful focused energy it is extremely important that the energy is well controlled,
and that the applicators are examined at the end of the manufacturing process. An unstable focal point might result in side effects, such as burns.
The instrument that is able to measure UTIMS A1’s exact energy level and focal point (the Transducer Heat Lesion Valuation System) has been developed during a research of 10 years by the developers of Utims A1Hifu in cooperation with Jeju National University.
The system’s main component is the “Phantom” which is produced under strict quality control.
The Korus Company is unique in the market in its uncompromising quality control of every single transducer unit in the following way:

  • 100% transducer test = safe treatments
  • Phantom HIFU test
  • Geometrical and energetics testing of focal point
  • Operational simulation, 3-step live inspection

This individual testing of every single applicator makes it possible that the users get only perfect and safe transducers.
The guarantee of the treatment is the Utims A1Hifu device itself and its applicators, as these undergo rigorous inspections before being allowed to put into use. As the essence of the HIFU treatment is the causing of damage to tissue in certain skin layers, the result and safety of the treatment can only be guaranteed by the use of a perfect machine by a qualified operator.

What is the importance of high frequency?

In relation to the HIFU technology high frequency means more energy and a more precise focal point:
and this means perfect results – but it is also unavoidable for safety’s sake. Because of the thermo-relaxing heat transmission the impulses are short and this means that only the targeted tissues are heat-damaged. The Utims A1Hifu system focuses 4-10 MHz energy into 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm skin depth.
Only a limited number of manufacturers manages to produce transducers that work reliably on a 10 MHz frequency.
The 10 MHz is important though, as this is the only frequency that is able to concentrate energy into the focal point safely,
accurately and still effectively. The danger of burns caused by applicator deficiency can be limited by decreasing the level of energy
, but this also means a decrease of results in relation to equipment without compromises, such as the Utims A1Hifu model.

The equipment may only be used by operators trained during medically supported courses
, which are made compulsory by the Hungarian importer.
Where the Utims A1Hifu  treatment equipment is used, safety and results are guaranteed.

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